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Antares Event Planning & Consulting, LLC will serve as Marketing and Brand Manager and will oversee the branding of the organization, develop and execute integrated marketing programs, and will ultimately support and facilitate new sources of revenue. Some of these services include:


  • Acting as the primary point of contact for internal and external resources working on all marketing related projects


  • Developing and implementing creative marketing campaigns for targeted audiences, groups, constituents and/or markets


  • Creating “relationship building” opportunities for specific targeted groups, audiences and constituents


  • Developing a marketing plan and associated budgets


  • Providing analysis and recommendations regarding the organization’s marketing and communications strategies


 We create publicity plans to increase your organization’s visibility by providing the following services:


  • Writing and editing news releases

  • Developing relationships with media contacts

  • Organizing press in conjunction with organizational events or press opportunities

  • Seeking publicity with trade publications, business magazines, websites, and industry associations

  • Pitching stories

  • Tracking press coverage





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